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    Be ready for any plumbing and clog issues with the simple to use drain blaster clr drain cleaner plunger and avoid using harsh harmful toxic chemicals to clear clogs. The air pressure toilet sink plunger is a toilet clog and hair remover that uses pump air pressure and force air down the drains of any sink, bathtub, bathroom shower, toilet with just a few pumps. One of the best drain plunger power blaster gun you can have. Uses only air pressure, no need for toilet unclogger liquid and protects your health from any toxic, caustic, smelling chemicals or liquids. Easy to use powerful air pressure pump requires no maintenance. The heavy duty toilet pressure plunger is a drain air blaster super plunger that does not need any maintenance except for normal cleaning with water. The power plunger for toilets, sink pump is a plumbers hero that is better than a plumbing snake and is an essential tool in any home or office as clogged drain hair remover and for unblocking stuck drains.Adjustable heads fits sinks, toilets, bathtubs, shower tub and more. Includes 2 sizes of toilet plunger heads – one kitchen small sink plunger 2.5″ diameter for sinks and bathtubs drains, and a large one about 5.9″ diameter for toilet bowls, shower stall drains and other larger drain openings. The air drain blaster plunger cleaner, air plunger for toilet and for drain, power toilet plungers heavy duty for bathroom is one of the best toilet clog remover.Clean and unclog drains in a simple, quick and easy way like a professional plumber with the compressed air plunger, sink plunger, toilet clog remover, that is a must have bathroom supplies essential that every household needs and should have. Drain buster plunger is the best toilet plunger, kitchen sink plunger, bathroom plunger as it works like an air pressure gun that is a plumbers friend that you will be happy to have handy at all time in your house or office.Fits all makes and models of toilet bowls, sinks, bathtub drains. The elongated toilet plunger, shower tub plunger, clogged drain tool cleaner is a sink pump that used pump action compressed air to push and clear clogs in toilet bows, sinks, showe. The large size plunger head fits a wide range of all makes models of toilet bowls from various and popular brands, including tub drains, bath room or kitchen sink drains.