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    Lease Agreement Templates are extremely hard to find around the internet. Most legal form companies out there want you to either pay for a subscription based format where you have access to all their forms, or, you have the website that where you make the agreement on their site and it becomes locked. People that want a lease agreement typically are typing them up all the time and want access to a template that they can use over and over, but before we dive into where we can find these templates lets break-down what a lease agreement is and the types of leases that exist out there.

    Standard Lease Agreement is the most common agreement among residential dwellings, it is a legal document between a person that owns property ("Landlord") and someone that is occupying the property ("Tenant") in exchange for monthly rent. The form can be for any amount of time but most often you see a one year term. You cannot cancel this type of legal document but if you lose your job or a special situation arises, you should speak to your Landlord and try to negotiate some type of deal.

    rental lease agreement -to-Month Lease Agreement is a Legal Document that allows for one person that owns property to allow someone else to occupy the property in exchange for monthly rent, but there is no timeframe on when the Tenant has to move out. A month-to-month agreement is unique in the way that the Tenant only has to give 30 days notice to the Landlord on when they would like to vacate the property or make any modifications to the lease. The same applies to the Landlord, if the Landlord would like the Tenant to pay more rent, evict, or make any other modification to the lease a 30 day notice is required.

    Sub-Lease Agreement is a legal document that allows someone who is already leasing property (Sub-Lessor) to let someone else to occupy the property (Sub-Lessee) in exchange for monthly rent. This is the most complicated type of lease agreement because you usually need the Landlord’s permission to allow a sub-lease to happen. Unless you are in a college dorm or you lost a significant amount of your income Landlords are hard pressed to allow something like this to happen. In the event you are the Sub-Lessor, you are still liable for your lease with the Landlord if the Sub-Lessee fails to pay rent or breaches their lease in any way.